Top Meal Prep Tips

Top Meal Prep Tips

Do you often find yourself skipping meals and then feeling a need to feast on sugary snacks? Is your bank account taking a hit from the expensive cafe lunches you splurge on at work every day? Or maybe you’re falling prey to the McDonalds drive-through on a regular basis or going to bed on an empty stomach because you dread the idea of coming home and having to cook dinner. If any of these scenarios resonate with you, then it sounds like meal prep could be your ticket to creating healthy habits, achieving consistency and reaching your goals. 

If you’re new to meal prepping or have tried meal prepping before with mixed results, then this blog will provide you with some handy hints to help get you started. If you’re already a pro at meal prep, I’m glad you’re killing it, but read on anyway because I’ve included some resources that might help streamline your prep and make things a bit quicker and easier. 

Tip 1: Start slow

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so you don’t need to try and throw the world off its axis to begin with. I’d recommend preparing one or two meals for the week ahead. If you often skip breakfast, then that’s a good place to start. If you want to stop ransacking the vending machine at lunchtime, then having some quick and easy grab-and-go lunches could be a big help. If you’d rather hit yourself on the head than slave over a hot stove at night, then it seems like having some pre-made dinners to pull out of the fridge to quickly reheat will be advantageous. Whatever it is, pick which meals you’re going to prep and build it up over time as you acclimatise to your new routine. 

Tip 2: Fail to prepare, prepare to fail 

The grocery store is a minefield of temptation and confusion and navigating it unscathed can be tricky. Between falling peril to the allure of the confectionary aisle and the pitfalls of junk food masquerading as your ticket to health courtesy of pretty packaging and outrageous (and often false) marketing claims, flying blind in the grocery store is a recipe for disaster. 

I’d recommend working out what you are going to prep before you head to the shops, so you can write a shopping list. Not only will this help you get in and out much quicker without the need to endlessly browse, but planning your meals ahead of time might even save you some money if you decide to look up the specials online or use up things you have at home. 

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Tip 3: Make sure you have everything you need

In addition to your fresh, wholesome food, make sure you have everything you need. This means things like cooking oil, herbs & spices, condiments, other pantry staples, Tupperware containers, and the most important resource of all: TIME. Block out a time period to complete your shopping and your prep. If it’s feasible, I’d advise doing your prep as soon as you get home from the shops so you can get it out of the way immediately and spend more time doing other things you can enjoy. I tend to shop early on a Sunday morning and prep once I get home, so I have delicious meals for the working week ahead, and have plenty of time to enjoy the rest of my weekend. However, the secret to success is developing a routine that works for you! Your first few preps might take a little longer than anticipated as you adapt to your new routine, but you’ll be nailing it with ease in no time, I promise. 

Stay tuned to the Blog, because I have quite a few more tips up my sleeve to get you meal 

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